Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's Good to Be Queen

Yesterday, I played Queen for a Day. Without much preparation, I took off before most of the kids woke up and spent some time doing what I wanted to do, on my time table.

I went to the gym and ran 5 miles. I suppose I could have braved the rain, but as Queen, I opted for a more civilized approach. After dressing and putting on full make-up and hair (after all a Queen must look her best), I went over to Barnes & Noble for coffee.

I like to order a small coffee there, then doctor it up a little with some non-fat milk and Turbinado sugar. They don't yet have Stevia, bummer. I sat there and read my book, nearly finished it to. No interruptions!

I then walked over to Scheel's for a little look-see with all the time in the world. I looked at all the nifty bikes, the gear, and of course the clothes. While Scheel's has everything you need for any sport you choose, their prices are YIKES. No way I'm paying $44 for a tank top to sweat in. I did, however, feed my Purple Passion by grabbing a new running cap. I started running in a hat about 6 months ago, awesome. Sweat stays out of my eyes, my hair isn't flying around like Animal from the Muppets - and they look great.

After that, I went to Shopko to get a birthday present for our soon-to-be 4 year old. I can't believe how fast time passes. I looked around at the clearance stuff and generally poked a royal way.

I debated as to what to have for lunch. I love, love, love Mexican food. I do believe that I have some south of the border DNA, I could eat it every day. I don't care for Spanglish food, I didn't want to waste money at a sit down rip-off, er, restaurant. I ended up at a local authentic Mom & Pop called D'Leons Taco Rico. I always order a Shrimp & Crab burrito and eat it with tons of the home made HOT sauce.

On a normal day I would have never eaten that whole burrito. Those things are $5 and honestly as big as my forearm. But on a Royal day, anything goes. Oh, man, I was SO full - but it was so good.

I made one more stop on the way home for an additional small gift for the birthday girl. I was happy to get home, and even happier that my husband had the little ones down for a nap and the dishes all done!

Refreshed, revived! Ready to return to the regular.

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