Wednesday, June 1, 2011

America the Beautiful

I received a package today from Wow - what a wonderful country we live in! Me, a home schooling, babysitting, mother of 4 can shop and have the things I need delivered to my door. I can even get it at a bargain basement price!

My ball glove came, hooray! Our 12yo son is playing his first year of little league and I've been trying to play catch with him to help his ball handling skills. We only had one glove, so I ordered one that has some pink laces in it. He, he... I'm not real swift at it, but I'm sure I'll get better!

Hanging out at the ball field sure has a way of making you love this country. Just having the freedom to sit out in the open air and relax for a couple of hours in the evening is a blessing! Seeing the Mommas and the Daddies clapping for sons in matching pants and shirts, listening closely to Coach, hustling for the ball and sometimes hitting a double - WOW!

As I looked around the ball park, it really struck me how fortunate we are. The park that we were at was built in the last 20 years, the bleachers, restrooms, and concession stand are all new and in working order. No professional teams practice there - it's ALL for entertainment! For young people and their families to come and enjoy the game and the summer. Of course, our taxes pay for this park - but wow - what a SURPLUS we must have to afford something as EXTRA and UNNECESSARY as this.

As we played on the lush green grass outside the field and munched on ice cream from the UNL Dairy Store, the sun just shone brighter, the wind smelled sweeter. My kids couldn't have looked cuter, my husband better. The Lord never more loving.

Those who have traveled far from mercy can find grace in the day-to-day. Even a Little League baseball game can remind me how fortunate I really am. Forgiven. Loved. Blessed.

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