Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sweet Amy

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This little girl is very special to me. She is a bright, intelligent, kind soul. She has taught me most of what I know about gentleness and compassion. God put her in my life to train me. She would give her last lollipop to the next door neighbor or donate all of her allowance to the first person who knocks on the door with a collection plate. She is brave, resilient and joyful even in trial.

And, as little girls often do, she has now grown up. In a few days, she will be getting married. I'm so proud of her and so humbled by her example of godly love. The only thanks I can give her for showing me patience and kindness to live a godly life myself. Grace is something we can't earn and can't repay. And so it is with my sister. My friend, my confidant. She knows it all and loves me anyway.

May God richly bless Amy and Nat as they join in marriage on May 21st, 2011!

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