Sunday, May 1, 2011

Run Like a Girl

Today I finished the Lincoln Half Marathon in 2:39:22. I am very pleased with my finishing time - I was shooting for 2:45. The road to this race has been much longer in the past week, than the 4 months of training before that!

On Tuesday of this past week (5 days to race day) I had terrible stomach problems. I had a hard time eating and bad stomach cramps that even kept me up a little in the night.

On Wednesday (4 days to race day) my Mom developed an infection that she was place on IV antibiotics for. Major bummer...did I mention that she was supposed to care for our children while David and I ran?

On Thursday (3 days to race day) I was so sick with stomach and gastro-intestinal distress that I stayed in bed all day. My husband cared for our children and our daycare children. I couldn't eat a THING.

(Good) On Friday (2 days to race day) my sweet friend, Tina, offered to care for our children on Race Day. This woman is such a servant. She is a single Mom of 4 boys who works nights out of town. Wow...what a woman!

(Bad) On Friday (2 days to race day) we took our 9yo daughter to volleyball practice and I decided to race her to the door. Something about that sprint did NOT sit well with my bad knee. I couldn't walk back to the car. Spent the evening icing and Ibuprofen-ing...and pouting.

On Saturday (1 day to race day) my knee felt better. I took a little test drive of 3 miles and didn't hear to much complaining from the offending joint.

I decided to brace up the bad boy and run it. My husband and my brother ran with me and tolerated a fair amount of walking breaks. We talked and laughed, the spectators were awesome. I live about a mile from the start line, so we rode our bikes down there. THAT was the idea of the century! We walked about a block or two to the bike racks and rolled on home. Nice.

Great weather, fantastic running partners and a much better time than my first Half Marathon in 2008 (3:58:50). Gee, wonder what another year will bring?

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  1. Great Run, Best part was running with you!! Love you!