Saturday, April 9, 2011

Race Report II

Race for Grace - Grand Island NE - 10K + (6.65mi)

We went up to my Mom's last night and she graciously allowed us to descend on her house and proceed to totally mess up her basement with all of our junk. :)

We slept as well as anyone can with 4 children who are out of their element can. Our older children did well, but our 3yo tossed and turned and bothered our 9yo. For like and hour or more. I think we all fell asleep around midnight, and were all up at 7. So, not terrible, just not right.

The race didn't start until 9am, so we had plenty of time to get ready, get the kids something to eat, and get there. The race was in a smaller town, so parking was a breeze. It was a nicely laid out event, with a pretty nice goody bag along with our t-shirts. Coupons for local businesses, a nice water bottle, and even some post-race snacks!

Our race course was completely closed. The miles were all marked and we had water and potties at the 2 and 4 mile marks. I enjoyed the weather (60 degrees and foggy) and my husband and youngest brother were there as well.

My husband ran on ahead like a shot - and my brother ran with me. It was really nice to have an hour or so captive with him to hear about how he's doing. With 16 years between us, it's sometimes difficult to connect.

We passed the 5 mile mark at 56 minutes, and the time had just flown. The course ran a little long for infrastructural and safety reasons, so we ended up finishing the just over 6.5 miles in 1:12 or so. Official times will be posted later. I tried to use the Run Keeper application on my phone, but couldn't get a GPS lock.

No big deal - it's not like I was trying to qualify for Boston or something. :)

The race was to benefit the area Cancer Endowment, so we donated money in the names of my dad and David's oldest sister. Next year, I would like to get some Dri-fit T's made up with lettering on them like: "I run for my Dad." or "I run for my Sister." Ya know, just goofy stuff. The free race T's we got were cotton, and I.don't.wear.cotton. when I run. Yick. It gets sweaty and then cold and icky. DIVA.

Great race. Well organized. After events were massages, snacks, and lots of giving people milling about smiling ear to ear. I felt great afterward, despite running my fastest 10K. I always run faster when I run with my brother. He did take my walking breaks with me - but it's just so fun to run and chat (and act like a dork trying to embarrass him!) so we just RUN!

Second race of the season! Next up, the Half Marathon on May 1st. I'm ready! I need to get one more 10 or 11 miler in beforehand, but I think it'll be fine. Woohoo!!

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