Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I ran eleven miles today. It took over 2 hours - but I did it. I can't tell you that I loved it - maybe at mile 7 or 8 I would have - but it's done. My knees are a mess, the muscles, ligaments and connective tissue are sore, swollen, and tired. My back is a bit sore as well - but all in all - nothing a little Ibuprofen and a good nights sleep won't help.

I'm officially ready for the Half Marathon on May 1st. I am done with my training and can now enjoy what is referred to as a "taper" until then. Since I missed 3 weeks out of the 12 weeks of training, my taper is a little short. Not perfect, but I will run, nonetheless. Yay!

To bad we didn't get that solid night's sleep we were hoping for last night. I'm not sure what was up with our 23mo old, but once he's awake and screaming - it's on. He cried, almost solid, from 1:30am to 3am. David and I both made a few trips to give a drink/cover up/give kissandhug/check diaper and then just gave up. My poor, sweet, husband took a pillow and blanket and finally slept beside his crib. With an alarm that buzzed at 5, he had a rough night.


We did have a better day on the school front. Sort of. My 12yo is not understanding the finer points of solving for "x" and struggled to make a passing grade on the last quiz. He is a perfectionist and an intellectually gifted child, so grades like that rub him the wrong way. Who better to take it out on?


I threw some burgers on the grill and we went to church for one of the last AWANA club meetings. The kids are all doing so well, and it's fun to watch them grow up over the school year. Next up we will have VBS, and I am hoping to do the character role of "Heidi Claire Super Sleuth Extraordiaire!" I love doing the plays and dramatic roles and helping with the singing. I'm not that great at acting or singing, but I goof around well and kids always love that.

Not an eventful day - other than I RAN ELEVEN MILES TODAY. Really pretty boring and same old - other than that little detail of my ELEVEN MILE RUN.

But I don't want to toot my own horn.


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  1. WOOP WOOP! you go, you eleven-mile-runner you! I totally understand how Liam feels with the grade issue. When midterms came out last friday I had a conniption because my lowest grade was a -B. I think we ride in the same boat, mainly because I like boats.