Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Went for a little retail therapy this afternoon and bought a running skirt. Yeah - I know - but I think they are cute. Previously, I had tried some on and thought they made my legs look stubby. I'm 5'4", and many times athletic clothing tend to run on the long side. Anyhow, saw one today that looked a little shorter and *cha-ching* all better!

In my victory dressing room dance, I noticed something I have been noticing a lot lately - the belly. I have ran, biked, swam and elliptical-ed (is that a word?) off 60+ pounds, but my tummy is being a stubborn one. After 4 children, I would expect it. But what do I do about it?

Well, one thing I know, is that there is no way to target reduce. If any diet or machine tells you that it will reduce "stubborn belly fat" they are LYING. The reason I, or you or anyone, has that little pouch left near the end of the battle is that it's just the last to go. Simple. My tummy loves me and wants to stay "plushy" as my kids call it.

I have a rock hard abs. Seriously. I do enough planks, yoga, and crunches that my abdominal muscles are well toned. I have all but cured my chronic lower back pain by building up these opposing muscle groups. Only thing is, that stunning six pack is still swathed in sponge. Muscle with a layer of fat covering. *sigh* story of my life!

I guess I keep doing what I'm doing. I was tempted to look up one of those Banish Belly Fat diets...but I know better. Stick to my calorie budget, limit the junk, keep up on my training and it will go away. And some day I will be like Chuck Norris - fat doesn't dare collect on him.

Tomorrow I get to run in my new duds - even got a new shirt. Might take a picture for ya. :) Pretty excited that I get to run...AND that it will be nice enough to do it outside - YAY!


  1. You are really looking great! Your workouts are paying off BIG TIME! I know you'll get that last belly fat off, too! Keep up the good work!

  2. You're doing amazing! Pics in the skirt please! I bet it looks great...