Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Verdict

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome!

The place where my knee cap is supposed to track on top of my thigh bone is inflammed. Doc says I have been training to hard and this is a VERY common over use injury. He did commend me for my Galloway Run/Walk/Run program. Knowing that I am prone to injury, it's smarter to take those walk breaks. I would rather be a run/walker in to my 70's than be a runner that is broken down at 40.

Treatment plan as follows:

Two weeks NO running. Ice and Ibuprofen constantly. Cross training on the bike or eliptical is okay. I need to start lower body strength training 3x's a week, but limited squats and lunges - maybe more static holds, yoga and such. He did give me some examples of moves.

When I resume running, I go back at half of what I was doing. That makes my daily runs only 2 miles and my "long runs" 5. I can increase at 5% or .5 mile per week. Right now it doesn't look like I will be up to running my next race 3/26 which is a 10 miler.

So long as I can run the Half Marathon on 5/1, I'm cool with it. The 10 miler on 3/26 is only a training run. Doc says if I do what he says, I can be running pain free - and continue to do so.

Yay - another over use injury. Gee ma knee Christmas!! How much use is "Normal Use" for this body!?


  1. Awwwww poopy pants on your injury. =( Yay that your Dr. told you Galloway is awesome though. =)

    I do hope you're able to recover well, and that the rest and strengthening exercises help. I'm dealing with injury too, and it sucks!! But we'll recover and come back stronger than ever. =)

  2. Thanks, Keeley - sisters in pain are we! I am finding that the bike at the gym can be a good, no impact, friend...no love for the elliptical - but may hafta forge a friendship there as well!

  3. Once you catch the rhythm of the elliptical, it's not so bad. And actually, if you push it it almost sorta feels like you're running. Wheeee! :) you can pretend you're out on the road in a race and aren't injured at all.