Sunday, February 13, 2011

Time for a Running Break

What a gorgeous day! When it was 62 degrees at noon, I knew I would be running in SHORTS today!!

Our 12yo son rode his bike along side me (and way in front of me!) and commented that I was faster than last we ran together. He's right...last fall I had about a 13:10 average pace and would have given my left running shoe to get into the 12's! I completed today's run in an...

11:45/min mile average pace!!

And, I did it on a hurting knee! This winter, I have been doing speed drills once a week. At first, I didn't think they were helping, but all of a sudden my average pace has improved greatly! My goal by summer is a 5k in 33:00 or less.

I can DO IT!!

On a sad note - I will be taking the next week completely off of running. My knee hasn't been good since my 10 miler last Tuesday. I've been babying it back to health, but today's 4 mile run was tough in the last mile - AND - my knee continued to hurt through the afternoon despite my RICE efforts.

It will be good to switch up the routine. I usually do Yoga X on Mondays, but will have to see what I can pull out to really challenge myself for Tuesday. Perhaps a little Plyometrics is in order? I've been needing to do some more consistent lower body weights on Thursday's, but have hesitated to give up a run. Oh, I do love to run...

One week off of of the first nice weather weeks of the season. *sigh* I must....for the long term!


  1. I'm glad you had a good run today! Boo on the break though. But once you get back at it you'll be SUPER fast, like a speeding locomotive! :D

  2. Ha, ha, thanks! Knee really bothering me today - going to the doc...normally the pain calms down after I stop running, scared I mighta "done it" this time!