Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Magical Chocolate

I had a cookie this evening at the mall.

After a school day like this, I wanted to run, screaming from the house. So about 6:30, after supper, while I was fighting with my 12yo ds about doing the dishes (for the 42nd time), I did. Well, I ran. No screaming this time.

I went to the mall and proceeded directly to Bath and BodyWorks where I know everything is a perfect fit. I sprayed, I sniffed, I checked the specials. After quick deliberations, I came out with 3 of the travel sized bottles of body spray in some lovely new scents. Happiness costs around $10, by the way.

Feeling a little better, I walked down the mall. I hadn't been to the old Westfield Shoppingtown in a while. It appears that they have totally automated their "Concierge Service." You want directions, look at a map. Need a stroller? Stick in your debit card or a fiver and the machine unlocks one for ya. No need to pay a person to sit there and do Customer Service. Nope, no need for that.

I was fairly disappointed that my favorite store seems to have disappeared. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory was just nowhere to be found. *sad face* I had sugar soaked dreams on my drive over, of a Peanut Butter Bucket (oh so much more than a PB Cup) and a large fully loaded Dr. Pepper. Alas, I wound up downstairs at The Cookie Company, keeping company with a cookie they call, simply, The O.D. That's right - chocolate cookie with chocolate chips topped with fudgie icing. Oh, and no DP - they don't have it. I drank water, hmphf.

My stomach does hurt a little and when my sugars crash, I'm sure I'll have a headache - but I am feeling much calmer now, and I smell great.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend $15 and an hour or 2! Suddenly I have visions of super-duper chocolate cookies running through my head (and it's not even 9am yet!).