Monday, September 6, 2010

The Gain in Pain

Most things that you set out to do will take some sacrifice. Simply living day after day, fitting in, following the herd - well, that takes very little effort. But to break out of a rut, go a little further, change yourself for the can hurt. Whether the sacrifice be physical in nature or have to do with emotional sacrifice, a little pain can bring you a long way.

What got me thinking about this was my recent bout of back pain. I have a recurring issue with a couple of joints being inflamed in my lower back and causing a whole lot of trouble. After months of physical therapy and then chiropractic, I finally saw a surgeon and had an MRI. Rather than surgery, he injected the joints and bought me several months of pain free bliss! Pain returns, I return for injections. On and on.

I'm due again, but can't be seen for 2 weeks. Though they work nearly instantly, I DREAD these horrible injections. The needle used is several inches long, and has to be sort of "dug around" in there to find the sweet spot before the good stuff is injected. I actually scream a little bit. I try to be brave, but it really hurts!

But it's for the good. I have to get over the mental block of the temporary pain to glean the benefits of long term gain.

Things have been really bad in my back. I keep working out because it helps. Increased blood flow to the muscles, the stretching, the breathing, it all helps alleviate pain. Getting started has been difficult and it's hard to walk down the stairs sometimes in the morning. I struggle into my gear and reeeach down to tie my shoes.

But it's for the good. I have to get over the mental block to glean the benefits.

Today, after dinner, we took the kids on a walk to a nearby park. We have a park less than a half mile away but hubby pushed us on to go a little further to the next park well over a mile away. I didn't want to go that far at first. After a very long, very heavy weights session on Sunday - I was paying big time in addition to existing woes. But we went, I walked, it hurt at first. I relaxed. It got better.

And it was good, I got over it and I benefited.

What other things do I avoid that I know will make my life better? Do I resist certain aspects of good health on purpose because I can't deal with a little discomfort? Would my life be better if I gave up caffeine? Meat? Sugar? TV?

Good questions - time to pray.

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