Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chuck this Day, Gimme Another

Wow - what an incredibly terrible day for a person that is trying to live a healthy life. Boo.

Unfortunately, it started out way to early with our youngest son around 5am. I managed to stay a while longer- the last 30min along with the little stinker. My poor husband got up with him and I shushed my alarm for 10 more minutes. Skipped my workout and wished for more sleep.

Just felt sore all over and my back was inflamed to the max. I had my injections scheduled for today so at least I could see the relief coming. NOT. I had the worst experience with joint cortisone injections ever. These are the third ones since December - normally they hurt...but wow. The nurse came running in to see if she needed to help. She stood with me during the second one. I couldn't stop shaking and was (against my will) freaking crying. Crying. Theres no CRYING!

Anyway, it's over. I'm still hurting like heck and having to run around at AWANA tonight probably helped for the long run, but hurt for the short run. I stopped for a soda and a bag of party mix (pretzels, etc) after my injections because I needed food to take my mind off of it. *how sick is that?* Then I grabbed a roll of Starburst candies and another Dr. Pepper before church to keep me awake.

I won't even add up the extra (stupid sugar) calories I consumed today - but suffice it to say that I needed them, I earned them, and I don't feel a bit guilty having ingested them. Tomorrow, time to get a grip and Carb Down, Fruit Up, and Veg Out! Today is only Wednesday - even with a day or two off of exercise due to injections - I should be able to eek out a small loss this week. I'm .8 of a lb away from the next decade of numbers.

I can DO it!!

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