Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Well Done

Something important occurred to me as I sat down for a little rest after supper. Oddly, it was that I did a good job today. Yep, self praise. And why not? To many times I pick apart what I didn't do right and smack myself on the head. Each night I take an inventory of the day and ask for forgiveness for the stuff I messed up. It's okay, we all mess up. Every day. Even today.

But for a change of pace, I patted my own back and said this:

Good job Honey / Momma / Miss Andrea. You changed, chased, comforted, taught, fed and loved everyone in your path today. You kept your cool when someone lied to you and taught them why that hurts. You created a diversion when little ones refused to nap and remained sane. You made healthy yet edible foods, and kept the cleanliness level of the household above a health code violation. You even squeezed in time for yourself and took that important morning run.

Yay, me!

What about you? Make a list of positive things you did today. Leave them as a comment here. Write them down and pin them to your mirror. You're awesome! Did you know?

1 comment:

  1. Bought books to support our kids' new homeschool;
    thanked my dh for my lovely day out with him; did NOT eat all the fries on my plate and left the last bite of pie; prayed for those who were hurting today; smiled at the sales clerks and was friendly; encouraged 2 friends. I'll stop now but that's a good list. Thanks for the exercise. We are too hard on ourselves sometimes.