Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wasps, Kids and Running

I had a blog topic in mind that was thought provoking and new. It has been boiling in my brain for a few days, but my kids started fighting this morning, my head exploded, and I've since been unable to retrieve all of those pieces.

So I will just tell you about my ever exciting life instead...hey - wake up!

Had to get rid of half our garden yesterday. The rhubarb will grow back, the tomato plant was on it's way out (dunno what happened to those this year) but the Brussels I will miss. I had a healthy growing family of wasps living in and around the foliage. This particular patch of vegetation is around our garage, and right next to our play ground.

At first a wasp or two didn't bother me. I tell the kids - don't bother it, it could care less about you. Then there were 3 or 4, I thought - oh well, they are just bugs. The other day we were all out there in the wading pool and I counted 7. They were much to interested in my sweet skinned babies, so they had to go. My brave and valiant husband took care of the job. He hacked, he mowed, he ruined their habitat.

He didn't see one wasp.

Moving right along...

Took our 8yr old dear daughter on my run again this morning. I'm secretly hoping that it starts to get to cold and dark for her to want to go with me once a week. We had to cut it down to 2 miles to fit it in before DH had to go to work. She had shoelace trouble, was cold, didn't want to wear her helmet because it was wet...on and on. I used the shorter distance (and all the STOPPING) to run some sprints.

Running wasn't bad today, but sitting is making me wince. I did a Plyo Legs DVD yesterday that put the hurt on the 'ol back side. I was looking for something to work my quads - but will likely resort to step ups and presses. My brain doesn't function well at 5:45 in the morning...I would rather have somebody giving me instructions and demonstrating so I can just copy instead of invent.

Running tomorrow, then total rest on Saturday. My scale has slowed down a little - but I see that as a good sign. My body is making adjustments and getting "used to" what I'm doing to it. I keep asking for more, and sometimes it resists for a week or two.

No matter what - I win!

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