Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Enjoying My Gifts

I will now run down the many benefits to having a nasty, debilitating infection on my leg. After reading this, you to may want to go out and have your big toe smashed, the nail removed, and then follow it up with cellulitis in your leg.

Well, maybe. Maybe not.
Here goes...

I get to sit and rest all the time! I haven't washed a dish in 4 days!! I have not hauled any laundry, nor folded any clothes. I have been able to keep up on all of my friends FaceBooks, Tweets, and Tubes de You.

People bring food to the house and give me extra hugs. They offer to help me and pray on my family's behalf. I can go to bed before 9pm without any flack. I haven't worried about bettering my 5k time, nor has my left knee given me one bit of trouble this last week!

I get to read "Baby Farm Animals" over and over to Cameron, and sit with Susan snuggled up on my lap while she re-assimilates after a long afternoon nap. I get to read my own book until I get tired of it, then I can flip through the new edition of Runners World or Light and Tasty magazines. My two bigger kids often find their way next to me on the couch, and the biggest one even laid his head in my lap today while we watched a re-run of Greatest American Hero from 1981.

What a life of paradise! I am going to love every minute of this "vacation" I am having. I will try my best to etch these things in my mind and on my heart. Every day is a gift from God. Even the days of physical pain and temporary inconvenience. In fact - I may find more gifts here than on the average, ordinary days.

Just gotta know where to look.

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