Thursday, June 24, 2010

Raising Kids is Hard

I'm finding it very difficult to raise young people.

Small children are relatively easy. Change a diaper, teach sharing, redirect undesirable behavior. They need a lot of your attention, but all you have to do is roll the ball, rock the chair, or find the blankie and you are the hero.

Fast forward several years to the pre-teen age. I'm so damn confused most of the time you'd think I'M the one going through puberty!! I think I'm making a well loved meal only to have it sniffed at and snubbed. I try to remind about personal hygiene and get the stink eye for it. If I comply with the "leave me alone" request, I am told I never pay attention.

Why did God make us this way at this point in our lives? I told our son when he asked me this, that it's a way for us to learn to lean on God. In childhood we lean on our parents. They can do anything, Dad is Superman and Mom is Wonder Woman! As we grow, our troubles come and even Superman and Wonder Woman can't help.

But God can! And that's what I have to remember about being the parent of one of these confused critters. God still loves me even if my child acts like he doesn't. I pray fervently every day for direction in parenting. I feel so clueless...but never hopeless!

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