Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Perseverance Prevails in All Things

I'm finally reaping the rewards of my stick-to-it-iv-ism with nap time here at the Morton Crazy Daycare. I've been working on it for 6 months - ever since the babies were about 6 months old. At that point, I decided to try to get them on the schedule of everyone else. I knew it would take time - but good grief.

This week, I have sang the songs, tucked the blankies, kissed the foreheads, and said nighty-night. I didn't hear a thing and all slept for almost 2 hours! Normally, I lie on the couch and close my eyes for the glorious few moments that all 4 of them are asleep at the same time. Well, after we finish Math and Science, that is. Today I actually fell ASLEEP on the couch and had a dream!!

Sigh...it's the little things. :o)

Went to the Y with the fam and got my miles in. I was having a hard time and couldn't really understand what was going on. After we were done, my husband said the same thing - noting that it was especially hot in there. Pretty sure that was my problem as well.

Had ran off over half as many calories as I had consumed today by the time that adventure was over. Had to stop at Open Harvest for milk and bananas anyhow, so tried a Vanilla Almond Cliff Builder Bar. Yum! 230 calories and 20g of protein. Definitely a little substantial for a snack on a normal basis - but good in a pinch.

Tomorrow we are having family pictures done. It's been 6mo already and those kids have grown so much! I'm excited to see the differences in *all* of us this time around. I had never been one to get pictures done regularly, but our picture ladies at Creative Eyes Studios are so wonderful and make it so easy and affordable, it's a no brainer. Spray off the young 'uns, put on my good sweat pants and show up.

Heh, heh.

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