Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Twinkle

Wow. This day has proven to me that I really am healthier and more fit than I was a year ago. I can't believe I survived it all!

First of all, let me say Thank You Lord for allowing me to get a full nights' sleep again last night. Without that, I'd have been sunk. The day started before 6 and went a little like this:

Up and out the door for 3 miles, home to shower, make breakfast, serve 8 kids, (chug coffee/inhale my breakfast). Break up multiple fights between 2 school agers and wonder why I home school. Read stories, change diapers, put babies down for naps. Clean kitchen, wash dishes, get babies up, serve snack (apply makup/curl hair). Clean, clean, clean, read books, play with blocks. Make lunch, feed babies, coax toddlers to try something new, clean everyone up, change diapers, put down the first set (sing nigh-nigh songs), then the second set, then the third.

Get kids all up from naps, sweep and vacuum before they start tearing up the living room again, break up multiple fights between 2 school agers and wonder why I home school. Change diapers, fill and pack 6 sippy cups in with bananas, crackers and cheese, find 12 shoes and shod 6 toddlers, take all (oldest to youngest) outside for picnic style snack.

Freak out when my 2.5yr old falls on her face on the cement, apply ice and TLC while trying to keep an eye on the other kids. Break up multiple fights between 2 school agers and wonder why I home school. Put on happy faces when parents pick up their children, trying to smooth clothes and hair and not LOOK as harried as I feel.

Serve up food for the family, pack gym bag, swim bag, diaper bag. Hop in the car, deliver child to swim lessons, do 30 minutes of free weight training, shower, pick up littles, collect biggers, stop for milk and bananas, get home, give drinks, change diapers, sing nigh-nigh songs...several times...ask Susan what song she wants me to sing after Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. To which she puts up both hands, wrinkles her nose and says:

More Twinkle?

It's funny how my whole day of task oriented activity could be quantified by a 2.5yr old who just wants Momma to sing her favorite song til she falls asleep. After the 3rd go round (with some "Moon" "Jesus" and "ABC" sprinkled in) I told her that I was tired. She said "you can lay down on my bed, Momma." So I did lay my head down. With my little skinned up face baby girl stroking my hair.

That's what I will remember most about this day - the joy of my family, not the busyness - and hopefully she will to.

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