Friday, May 14, 2010

Messy Mind Messy Room

Why is it that our bedroom is constantly a mess? I do my best to follow FlyLady and when it's the week to be in the Master Bedroom Zone, I just cringe.

And when I say "mess", I'm not talking about a health hazard or anything. It's just clutter! I mean folded clothes needing to be put away, important paperwork stacked on the dresser, random toys and DVD's that were confiscated, shoes needing to be thrown in the closet, etc.

There's a lot of head issues that go along with the bedroom being a mess. One being "out of sight, out of mind." I have a home that is also my place of business. When my clients drop off their children in the morning, I want the living room, kitchen and bathroom to be clean. What happens to that basket of clothes that I started folding? Yup. Tossed in the bedroom.

My dresser is still the tallest place in the house that I can still access. Things that I don't want to lose get tossed up there. Things that I don't want used by little hands, things that I'm saving just for me (the last piece of gum!).

Recently I went through my dresser and closet and got rid of clothes that were to big for me now. This is another mental fry because I had talked myself into keeping them "just in case." Well, I had to decide that I did't want to be that size ever again - so GET RID of them! What happens then, is they sit in a box in the corner for eons until I take them to the donation center.

Under the bed. Well, that used to be worse, but thanks to much merrymaking by my family I have been shamed into giving or throwing most of those treasures away. It just seems like such a shame to pitch those nice gift bags people give you!

Between the Stash and Dash and the Clutter my room is a mess. When things get stuck on the bed needing to be put away, I just throw them on the floor when I'm ready to go comatose at the end of the day. Hmm...

I need a maid.

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