Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Right Start

I listen to the preachers on Bott Radio in the car sometimes. Seems I hear what I need to when I need it! So, before I launch in to this busy Saturday, I think I'll share what I heard last night on the way to the store.

Now, I may not get this exactly right - but it's what I gleaned from it. And hey, just remembering what the letters stand for is pretty good for this Crazy Lady.

The A.C.T.S. prayer model:

A - Adoration. Think about God's character, maybe look up some verses and meditate on His personality. This brings to mind, for me, God's continuing effort to make me better. He wants, not what's good for me, but what is very best. He's certainly patient with me as well.

C - Confession. Pray that God bring to mind anything that stands between him and me, or me and another person. Right away last night, I was reminded of how my mouth has gotten out of control. Conviction is different than condemnation. When I'm convicted, I feel sorry but empowered to make a change for the better. Condemnation is just cruel finding of fault. See above for why that voice isn't His.

T - Thanksgiving. Count your blessings, name them one by one. My attitude has NOT been very filled with gratitude lately. I've been sullen and grouchy and just a little depressed. Gonna make that gratitude list!

S - Supplication. Think of those things I am concerned about, and give them to God one at a time. Liam's braces, Alahnnah's attitude, Susan's speech, Cameron's fever, my weight...whatever it is, nothing is to small. I have to remember that He is interested in my "day to day", not just the big events of my life.

That's my take on what this speaker was saying. It's a good model for me to remember. I don't want to treat God like a short order cook, just putting in my order and expecting to be served. This helped me to do better. and running on another fun filled Saturday!!

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