Thursday, March 18, 2010

Failure to Plan

Gag. I ate fast food yesterday, and at 9pm no less! I am SO IRRITATED at myself. Other than Subway, I haven't been through a drive through yet this year. Looking back on yesterday, I can see what happened.

We had the Science Fair last night from 5pm - 9pm. I packed a cheese stick and an apple, and made a half a turkey sandwich to take with me. The sandwich, I tried to eat on the way there - but the bread was crumbly and I didn't want crumbs all over my shirt. I scarfed down the cheese stick to fill the void.

After the projects were judged, the fair opened to the public and there were cookies and refreshments. I ate my apple during that time (oh boy did those brownies look good!) but by the time we were going home, I was just to hungry to wait til we got home, and didn't want to make anything once we got there.

Like Jillian says: if you fail to plan, you will plan to fail.

I put the others before myself and left only enough dinner for them to eat. I should have made sure there was something for myself when we got home. I also should have eaten more in the day. Before the burrito, I had only had 900 calories all day.

One of the reasons I like to keep a food and exercise diary. You can really look back on the day and see what went wrong.

And not make the same mistakes!

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