Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Plan...what plan?

Ah, Tuesday! For another 3 weeks it will still be my favorite day of the week. David is off work, we don't have much for obligations and, though we have 6 children running around, we get to enjoy each other's company.

Once a year, when the tax refund money rolls around, we all go out to a "fancy" restaurant. We don't limit (to much) what they order. Everyone gets a soda, we get an appetizer and even a dessert.

This year we planned to go to Red Lobster. The kids are adventurous eaters, and were SO excited to try some seafood. I looked up the nutritional information and had a general idea what I was going to get. I planned to keep my calories low today so that I could relax a bit tonight. I planned to order my food and take half home.

Before supper, we went to the Red Clover Market (as planned) to look at all the nifty whole foods. We got some organic onions, a jar of almond butter, and some organic soups that were on sale. Drove over to Red Lobster about 6:30 and Hungry.

The place was PACKED. We parked in the last available spot and walked up only to find the waiting room absolutely full of people. Now, I don't know about you, but I don't wait at restaurants. It's not that I'm to important or anything, it's just not that important that I eat there versus someplace else.

Well, and then there's waiting in standing room only with 4 children. NAH.

With plan thrown freshly out the window, we went across the street with our disappointed children to the new Chinese Buffet with Mongolian Grill. Yah, I know. We waited about 15min to be seated, and the place was really great. I enjoyed the Mongolian Grill. I made a dish so stinkin' hot that my face was on fire - oh man - that was so good!! I realized how absolutely sick I am of turkey sandwiches and yogurt. Bland with a capital B.

Groan...after the plate of Barn Burnin' Shrimp and Veggies, I did go up and get some fried goodies. One spring roll, one crab rangoon, and two dumplings. I had dessert as well and frankly, I am absolutely miserable. I went into this only having had 650kcal all day, so I'm sure I didn't bust the bank to badly, but the sodium content and the larger than usual volume consumed in one sitting is paining me.

First time off plan in 7 weeks. Not bad. Tomorrow I will need to concentrate on water consumption to flush out the dreaded sodium and I may try to squeeze in a workout during nap time.

At least I have a plan.

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