Friday, February 26, 2010

But I Play One on TV

Life is not a TV show. Nor does my workout even closely resemble an exercise video. I have a nice collection of DVD's and VHS tapes that give much variety to my workouts. The fine, fit folks in those videos are fabulous guides. I've learned a ton about proper stretching and safe weight lifting form.

Last night when I was at the YMCA (or the ERETA as Susan calls it) I was on a treadmill right in front of the window. As the sun started to go down, I got a clearer and clearer look at that chubby housewife in the window. Sweat rolling down my face, mouth hanging open, pulling the reoccurring wedgie down from the ever after and pulling my t-shirt down from up and over my hips.

Not a pretty sight.

But then again, real people sweat. We turn red, we huff and puff. And so do those folks on the videos (if they were working to the perceived exertion that I am). I'm sure they cut those videos just right and keep the temp in the studio sub zero. That's the only way those girls could look that good, working that hard.

Anyway - just me thinking. TV is glittery, clean and bright. Babies just "appear" and everyone is pretty. Life is real. It's difficult and it takes work. But, unlike TV, if you follow The Instructions, the reward is infinitely more than you can ask for or imagine.


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