Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Broken Hearted

Wonder what God feels like when we disappoint him? When we know how to behave but we do wrong anyhow? I mean, he tells us over and over again NOT to do things, and we just do them anyhow - and suffer the consequences.

He might feel a lot like I'm feeling about my child today, only on a Global scale. Sad, frustrated, angry, hurt. It's a wonder grace exists at all. We serve a God who knows us and loves us anyway. I'm just a Mom, I find forgiveness difficult sometimes.

For the last two weeks, our 7yr old daughter has done her very best to disobey me at every turn. She waits til I leave the room and tries to do things I just told her not to. When told to go to her room, she throws herself on the floor, screams and cries and has an absolute fit. Last Monday I spanked her. I'm done with that. It no longer has any lasting effect, and I can't seem to do it without anger, so I can't do it.

But she needs to learn that her behavior is not acceptable. She is one that no punishment ever phases. Nothing I can take away from her or restrict her from will resonate enough to cause a change in her behavior.

So instead of screaming and hollering or beating her to a pulp (don't call CPS, its just a metaphor) I am removing her from the situation. She's having fun up there coloring now, we'll see how long til she wants to be a member of the family again.

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  1. You amaze me. You sure handle sitnuations a lot better than I. What a good partner you are.