Thursday, January 7, 2010

Run Away

Had me one of those days where I just wanted to run away. I placated them with cartoons long about 4pm and just stood in the kitchen for a while. Made some coffee, chugged some black, and moved on.

Getting back into the swing of things with school has been hard. For me. The kids are happy to have something to do on these sub-zero days, but it's extra work and I had just gotten used to not doing it. I love accomplishing something though, and getting done by 2pm gives me that feeling.

Cameron is sleeping better than ever and that's a plus. However, the kids haven't been outside since Sunday when we went to Church and I'm ready to bash The Biggers heads together and tie up one of The Littles and throw her in a closet. **Of COURSE I wouldn't do that**

I've been easily able to stick to my diet plan this week. I decided that I'm to busy to log food on the computer and have been keeping a running total on the white board. Works great - most foods have a label, and the ones that don't I look up on the net. I had to take a mid-week peek and was down 4lbs. Yeah - I know - it's most likely a fluke, but it encouraged me to keep going.

One of my main areas of personal focus, currently, is coping with stress on a minute by minute basis. When days are difficult, I find myself longing for 9pm ALL day and just bulldozing through my day to that end. I've started trying to take things slower, give myself (and the kids) a break and try the smile and breath strategy.

Default to a smile. That is my reminder. Even if I'm screaming in frustration on the inside, that smile permeates and calms. It reminds me that it's not the end of the world. That things are good. That time is short, and children are guaranteed to grow up. That tomorrow is another day to try. Another day to do better.

I forget a lot, but I'm doing better. Oops, there I go again, almost forgot. ^_^ Smile!

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