Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pinpointed Perfection

The last day of 2009, woohoo! I feel good about this last year. I learned much. One thing, in particular is that I don't want to give birth to any more babies. Now, I wouldn't mind HAVING more babies, but I don't want to carry them.

The wreckage of that was somewhat addressed today in a doctors office. I've been having back trouble. Yep, just like everyone else. I had some chiropractic and some PT, been consistent with stretching and exercise. So then came the MRI, which was pretty clean. So the next thing was this injection I had today.

Turns out the theory is that my Sacoriliac joint is inflamed. By inserting a disturbingly long needle into that joint and filling it with cortisone, it should help to reduce that inflamation. This joint is the one that holds you hip to your "back" if you will. It loosens and widens when you are preggers and allows for baby passage. Yikes. It's pretty sore. This guy was not what I would consider gentle.

Mom came down to watch the little ones and also brought my half beef from the processing plant in Walbach. Oh my, I am SO excited to cook up a juicy burger, or make stroganoff with real stew meat. We have been near vegetarians lately due to the price of meat. No More!

Off to the neighbors for New Year! I'm excited to hang out with them. Our daughters are BFF - so it's time to get to know them better as well. It will help take my mind off of my back.

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