Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nothing Special

I don't lead an especially exciting life. There's not a whole lot of drama going on, I guess. I have a friend that is my "everything happens to her" friend. Murphy's Law has got nothing on this lady, serious. There have been times when, if I didn't know her character so well, I would have thought she was pulling my leg.

So back to my non-drama life. I do have an affinity for change, which might look like drama to the naked eye, but really it's just shaking things up a bit. I don't usually freak to badly over huge changes - I don't normally have a problem sleeping or eating when it comes to things like, oh...changing jobs, moving, getting married, having a baby, buying a car, you know - little things. I guess my life up until 5 years ago was such a freak show 24/7 nothing bothers me now. I know that God is in control and that's cool with me.

Enter "The Little Stuff". Tomorrow we have a meeting with the grade school to discuss my son's testing scores. He's a smart little fart and has tested out as Highly Gifted. The public school system has offered to match him with a mentor and I'm not entirely convinced it's the best thing for him. I have severe reservations about the curriculum (hmmm, did I type that with a sneer?) within the Gifted Program already and will not be taking advantage of the mentor offered.

I have also had several discussions already this year with the school principal and the gifted facilitator with regard to inappropriate content coming fromt her class and the school library. So sitting down with these folks and discussing why I don't want to take adavantage of thier offer is going to be stressful tomorrow.

Worse, yet, they have tried to brain wash my son into thinking that they are right and he needs a mentor. This really pisses me off. I don't appreciate the school undermining me and attempting to sway my son and push thier own agenda.


Yah, I'm hoping that they just don't push me tomorrow. Best case scenario - they share his test scores with me, talk to me about the mentorship, I graciously decline the offer and Susan and I go home leaving the older kids to have a super-d-duper-d day at school.

Worst case - they start saying things like "what's best for Liam" and "giving him all the advantages" and the one she used on me that got me going last time "I'm trying to be an advocate for your son". I'm going to be holding a squirming 18 month old with one eye on my son and one eye on my 6-year-old. On the edge already from a busy week with little sleep and alot of pain.

I guess there is always the polite yet annoyingly repetitive "no thank you". Yah, that might be best.

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