Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Night Walking

I don't remember getting in bed with my Mom in the middle of the night when I was little. Maybe I did and it's just that those brain cells that contained that memory were the ones I killed in the '90's. I'm sure she will read this post and remind me that I did - doesn't every kid??

I guess that might be the error in my thinking that has brought me to this. Our 6-year-old has developed a regular and quite sneaky habit of slipping in bed with me in the night. There is an excuse offered of a bad dream, but I don't always buy it. It didn't bother me to much until just recently because she doesn't fit very well right next to me anymore. Her baby brother is quickly claiming the space between me and the edge of the bed.

If she's really having bad dreams then it kinda makes me feel bad to but the squelch on this. Anyway, it isn't terribly inconvenient. I can hear her pad down the hall and I reflexively lift the comforter and scoot a little closer to my poor Husband hovering on the tiny piece of mattress real estate that he has. I let her snuggle for a little bit, then escort her back to bed, tuck her in and that's it.

I know that she can't keep doing this. She has always been a little small for her age, so consequently I carried her around longer, etc. So while it's not really a bother for me (although, it's getting less roomy) I know I should discourage it for her sake. She's old enough to roll over and go back to sleep. Besides, I have heard her get up, get a drink, use the restroom, turn the bathroom light on and go back to bed. She even knows to close our door a bit so the light doesn't shine in my eyes. Little turkey - bad dreams my foot!

Maybe I'll just wait till there's no more room and she'll get the picture! Ahh...the Path of Least Resistance.

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