Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Public School Teacher

My son brought home an ideal today that he brought to me, not because he didn't understand it, but because he didn't understand why the teacher said it. My 10 year old son fully understood what had been told to him and his fellow classmates, but knew that it wasn't quite right.

Again, it's the gifted coordinator (let's call her Mrs. H) that this is coming from. I have had some interesting exchanges with her, and it looks like things are going to heat up.

Liam said "Mom, Mrs. H told us something today that I don't understand. She told us that we need to keep learning and learning until we are so smart that our parents and teachers are worthless and we can just teach ourselves".

As my internal organs became lava like and threatened to come blasting out the top of my head, God's divine intervention took over and prevented me from hollering "What?!!" Okay, must use patience, must ask more questions...

I asked Liam what part of what Mrs. H told them he didn't understand. He was confused as to why she would want their parents to become worthless. He said he fully understood WHAT she said - he just didn't understand WHY she would say something like that.

Liam is a smart kid. I asked him if he knew what an ideology was, and we talked about the prevalent ideology in our society that one should go with ones own instinct and that "truth" is relative to ones own interpretation.

I touched on a kiddie version of "if it feels good, do it" and tried to explain how it serves to cancel God and elevate man. Striving to get to a point where you are unteachable by anyone but yourself is a deplorable, Godless concept to tout to a bunch of school children.

So I write this to give myself time to think, time to ponder, time to pray. I am so irritated with the whole line of thought coming from this teacher. I'm not sure if she is used to teaching older children, or just doesn't think that things will get back to the parents, or maybe she just doesn't care.

I've now officially had it with the Gifted Program at our local Public Elementary School. I ask our son regularly what they do in the Gifted Class on Tuesday and Thursday for an hour. They play board games, take quizzes on the computer, play cards and do origami. Hmmm...all that and some liberal, question everything, anti-establishment teachings from a person in authority to boot.

No wonder I feel like I have to deprogram these kids every day. They come home with this attitude that they can push me around, say no to me, question what I tell them to do, and just generally talk back. It takes about an hour and some veins popping out on my head and we are back to good.

Lord help me...if this is grade school, what do we have to look forward to.

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  1. Things have changed. I went through a program between 5th & 6th grade. But we learned Science, Archeology, and Photography. Of course, if one of the teachers was giving me a bogus world view, I wouldn't have known. We didn't care about such things when I was a kid.

    Good for you, that you are staying on top of this. At least Liam knows the difference between right and wrong. That's more than most kids.