Friday, September 5, 2008

Wierd Dream Central

Wow. I have the strangest dreams. Here's the most recent installments.

Last night I dreamed that I was a Doctor on a spacecraft. You know, like The Enterprise. I dreamed that the ship was taken over by hostiles and two of them infiltrated the sick bay by gaining my sympathies as injured. As soon as they were healed they turned mean. One of them started trashing the place and going off about how inferior we were and how he's going to kill us all. Then spontaneously, the both went to the bathroom.

I saw that as my chance to escape. I ran out of there and ran to the childcare area, looking for the kids. I couldn't find them so I escaped (with the Pastors wife and her son) (???) into an elevator. When it got to the floor that they desired I looked out on the floor and saw those two dudes I had just escaped from. I quickly pushed the button on the elevator and the doors closed just as they were about to get me!

I managed to escape from the ship to the planet below and wound up in some Grand Central Station looking place. I was on the steps when I heard Alahnnah say "Mom!" and there was both her and Liam. Liam was hurt so I helped him and we escaped into the city. Everywhere I looked, I saw these two maniacs that were trying to kill me. I finally ran into a store and told the owner about these two guys. One of the guys found me and just as he was about to get to me, this big guy in an old holie t-shirt shows up and distracts him while the store owner calls 911. The ambulance comes and Liam is hurt so bad that they take him and I make them take Alahnnah to for safety. I'm going to stay behind to kick some butt!

I realize then, that I had given the ambulance driver the wrong cell number. I don't know where they took the kids and they can't even call me. I spend the rest of the dream trying to figure out, by process of elimination, which ambulance took my children and to what hospital. It was like a huge logic problem. And all the while I am worried about these guys chasing me.

I was so glad to wake up from that one!!

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