Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Walk Gag Repeat

I have heard it said over and over that exercise during pregnancy will lead to healthier baby (duh) and easier deliveries. While I grudgingly do my time on the treadmill most mornings, lately I have seen it as my maternal duty to the baby that I have the privilege to be a part of creating.

So I have been faithfully rising at 5am, lacing up my Asics and walking at a pace that keeps my heart rate in that 75 - 80% range. Fast enough to benefit, but not to fast to cause fatigue. Normally I would try to run some, but last time I was pregnant I gave up the running. It just didn’t feel right. I’m not that coordinated as it is, and I think that says enough.

Also, I waited to loose my extra weight that I found with the last baby, so we get to start with that hanging over my head this time. Running is hard enough, but when you put some extra poundage on there it gets downright impossible. NO weight gain till after Thanksgiving, seriously. I have a detailed plan to only put on 15 pounds this time. Go me!

Anyway… working out is becoming an exercise in self restraint. I am not feeling very good in the mornings. My stomach is empty so I’m hungry, but I am also nauseous so I can’t stand the thought of eating anything. I get going and sweating from exertion then the waves of nausea come over me and make me break out in the cold sweat. I’ve started sipping water, but somehow it tastes “fishy” to me. What’s up with that??

So I walk and try not to throw up. Last time I was pregnant I walked over my noon hour at the mall. It was nice, I could eat and then go for a walk. Although, I couldn’t really walk fast enough or get real sweaty because I had to go back to work. This time around that’s not an option, so we will just go with what we get.

Being someone who enjoys exercise anyway is a huge benefit during pregnancy. I don’t even tell people my labor and delivery stories because they are so simple and easy. It’s a total blessing! Stretching and walking helps with back pain, digestion, and fatigue. So I will continue on and look forward to that wonderful 2nd trimester when things are all better!

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