Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This is the Day

...that the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

This is also the day that we have for the very first time 3 Morton children. The hearing took about 10 minutes total and the judge was very nice. Not at all like traffic court. The judge even gave the kids a nice card with "Congratulations on Your Adoption" and thier new legal names inside.

It's funny how months and months of preparation have been summed up in 5 or 6 questions a piece and a signature. I got a little teary at the end because the last time I was in court was a whole different story. I was there fighting to become the sole guardian of L & A. That was in 2004. That and this, I have to say were the best uses of a tax refund yet. Just hearing Dave say how much he loves the kids and having us all there (except little Sue-Sue) was really cool.

My friend watched little one. I'm glad it was just over an hour. She really did us a huge solid by taking Susan like that. Her youngest just started Kindergarten last month, so I'm sure she's loving the peace at home!

So I'm off work the rest of the day. We had Golden Corral for a celebratory lunch, so supper will be pretty light I'm sure. I finally conceded an hour ago and took some "good" pain meds. I don't know why I wait so long. I guess there are a few things going through my head. For one, I don't want to get hooked on them, also I figure if I ignore it, it might just go away () and I also don't want to run out!

Think I might take the kids over to the mall. A wants her ears pierced SO BAD, and I making her wait till she's 8. She took some little jems off of one of her shirts and stuck them to her ears yesterday. They stayed on quite a while, but when we got home from the mornings adventure they were both gone. There's a place that sells the magnetic ones, maybe she would like those. Also, L wants to go to a Rock Shop in that area as well. He's really interested in geodes and crystals and how they are formed.

Thanks for all of your prayers. On to the next big thing...

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