Friday, September 12, 2008

Stirring the Pot

In my long standing tradition of being a pot stirrer I wrote this letter to the manager of a prominent grocery store in town:

My family and I normally stop at the 17th and Washington location on our way home every week. This week, we pulled up in front of the store and I see that you are celebrating your 40th anniversary, cool!

I have three children and we stayed in the van while my husband ran in for lunch for us. My 10 year old was staring at the picture of the extremely well endowed woman painted on the front window wearing a "shirt" that would have had nipples peeking out if it hadn't been a drawing. I have attached the picture.

I guess I would expect something like this on a bar window, but not on a grocery store window. I just think it's in really poor taste. I understand the painting of the Hippie to represent "then", but don't get the paining of a Hoochie to represent "now".


Andrea Morton

I know you want to see the picture so here it is:

And about three hours after I wrote that email I got a response:


Thanks for your comments. The "artist" did the windows on my day off and I questioned the image myself, and consulted a couple others and decided not to call the artist back to change it. I will call him tomorrow morning and get a more appropriate image. My apologies to you and your family.


Dave McCleery
Store Director

Can't wait to drive past there and see if he really had it removed...and what they replace it with!

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