Monday, September 22, 2008

He's In Charge

Sometimes I get pretty cocky. My life goes along real good, I'm blessed beyond anything I deserve, and I get to thinking that I know what's up. That's when The Big Guy puts the smack down on me.

This weekend we went to see the fam. We did the tour – my Mom's on Saturday, his family on Sunday. We got home last night around 6, so it wasn't bad. I always get so grumpy because nothing is where it's supposed to be when you get back and the place is just a mess – suitcases, crap we drug home from grandmas… Not to mention that there is nothing clean to wear to work on Monday and nothing to take in my lunch because we were gone all weekend and didn't go shopping or wash clothes.

But I digress.

My mom took care of the kids while we went out for ice cream on Saturday night. Before we left I had made a grand proclamation of this:

"Well, at least we don't have to worry about running into The Kids' Bio Dad this trip. He moved and is working on a road crew in Iowa"

We don't usually go much of anywhere when we are in that town. It's a small town, not much of anything there that we don't have in the city. And after all, we are there to visit, not to go out. I have never run into anybody while we were there. Seems interesting that, but still.

Okay, so we went to Cold Stone (holy moley, that stuff is good) and then to check out the hot spot in that little town – their brand new Super Wal-Mart. So we walk in and I say "oh look, they have those self checkouts". They got rid of all of them in the Wal-Mart's at home – people were stealing to much stuff.

I look from the light and sign that says "Self Checkout" down to the terminal itself and lo and behold, who should I see?

Yep, Bio Dad.

He didn't see us, and fortunately we both had to use the facilities at just that time. I sort of hung my husband out to dry as I spent extra time washing my hands and combing my fingers through my hair. It didn't occur to me at the time that those two could have encountered each other in there.

I was reeling from that experience. It was just so blatant that I (as much as I think I do) do NOT know everything. God is in control and he proved it to me – big time.

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