Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Ax that Wolfe Built

I think I might be getting fired tomorrow. Gee, I hope so! I know that sounds weird, but then I wouldn't have to give two weeks notice in a month or so when I quit!

This place has been showing signs of economic hardship lately. I do the accounts payable and still have stuff that I entered from the middle of July that hasn't been paid yet. Looks like they may have to get rid of someone.

There's been alot of buzz around here lately. Closed doors, secret meeting, wierd impromptu discussions. I remember the last time this was all going on. They fired two of the higher paid girls in the office and left me to reabsorb duties as assigned. So if they are going to ax someone, it will most likely be me.

My husband will probably have a mini-stroke. He gets very worried about finances. I lived to long on one income trying to raise two kids to worry about money now. We have savings (okay just a little) and we have credit cards. We can use that to buy ramen noodles and tv dinners until my income gets rolling again.

It is kind of scary, but really I'm okay with it. God uses everything the looks like evil, solely for his good. We will be just fine!

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