Tuesday, September 2, 2008

40 Page Trip to Wal-Mart

Last year, David and I read a book together. It was a great idea for a novel, but the writing was very slow. At one point the family goes to walmart and it seriously takes a quarter of the book. From that time on, when we are referring to something excruciatingly slow, we resurrect the 40 page trip to Wal-Mart from that book.

I HATE WALMART. Sorry, had to let that out. For oh so many reasons. I won't shop there unless it is absolutely necessary. They do have the best cheap diapers and baby whipes in town, so David makes a monthly trip for the gigantic box of both - an whatever else he spots "on sale". Don't get me started... bloodsucking evil empire.

It just so happens that our printer pooped out on us so the last time he went to Wal-Mart we got a new printer. Middle of the road model, around a hundred dollars. Does scanning to - much needed. Well, it didn't work. So after much frustration on the phone with an out of country "customer service" representative, it was clear it really didn't work.

Number two just so happening, ummm, happenstance. The Leather Executive Chair that Liam ordered with his birthday money came in today. I sent an email to my husband thinking "yes! I'm off the hook! He'll have to go there anyway to get the chair today and he can exchange the printer and get the baby butt stuff to!"

Which brings me to convenient coincidence number three. It poured rain today. Not that Dave wouldn't go out in the rain, but with the baby and the big printer box and picking up the chair, it just wasn't going to happen.

Number Four - Liam broke his glasses this morning and the optomatrist is right accross the street from:


Why the good Lord wanted me to go to Wally World today, I'll never know. But I went Lord, I went and did my best. Went to work and didn't let those bone heads get me down either! Ahhhh, time to kick back and Gate it Up!

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