Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More to Life Than Blogging?

While I can't imagine that it's true, it seems that my life has been to busy to write my blog lately! My home business is really taking off, and while I do have to work for my money, it is turning out to be everything they said it would be.

I have been doing pretty well and stopping what I'm doing at 10:00 and heading to bed. One night last week I was still up when Hubby got home at 11:30, but that was a rarity. Boy oh boy I paid for that all week long, too. Just can't seem to "catch up" on my sleep like I used to. I need at least 7 hours consistently to stay healthy.

Got my new new phone yesterday! I had gotten an HTC Touch, but didn't like the touch aspect of it. Very cool phone, has windows on it and I got it in white. But when you dial so many numbers everyday, you ned an actual phone phone. Does that make any sense?

So my dear, sweet Husband traded it in for me. Wow, I've only had my Blackberry Curve for less than 24 hours and I'm already loving it. I love the keyboard for text and email, love the dial pad for making calls. The three way calling (which I use constantly for my homebiz) is easy to use and sounds great! I even have Tinkerbelle on my wallpaper! :)

On a sour note, I have been plagued by bad dreams lately. I've been sort of a grumpy Mommy because my precious sleep has been interrupted by a barrage of dreams having to do with The Ex. It's like I'm still dealing with all of that and I can't understand where David is, or where Susan is for that matter.

Last night he showed up and needed sun screen. I don't know what that's all about. To be honest, I get concerned about that guy and pray for him on a regular basis. He's had a rough time his whole life. He doesn't know Jesus and doesn't have much positive influence in his life. I'm convinced he's not a bad person, just a victim of circumstance and a horrific childhood. :(

Okay, enough out of me for today.

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