Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Heart Hospitals

I must really like hospitals. Or doctors, maybe that's it. Or maybe my body is just falling apart.

I went to the OB/GYN yesterday and I "get" to have surgery on the 18th. I have endometriosis and have since I was a teen. Although there are other "options", I think getting in there and getting rid of what she can, now, is the best bet. Here's the other new fun options that have been developed in recent years.

1. IUD - this is an interuterine device. It is implanted and pretty much bumps around in there so that if you did become pregnant, that poor little baby would be murderd and the lining of his/her home would be irritated so badly that he/she couldn't settle in properly. ((((shudder)))) I guess this device has been clinically proven to lessen cramping for some women.


Next we have an injection called:

2. Lupron - this drug tricks your body into thinking you have gone into menopause. The fact that you no longer have your cycle means no more pain. Side effects are so horrible for this drug that it is generally used as a last resort.

3. Birth Control Pills - Once again, there is a chance - albeit a small one - that the drugs would cause a fertilized egg (also known as a BABY) to be damaged or fail to implant thereby killing him/her.

4. Narcotics and Anti-Inflamatories - The anti-inflamatories taken 3 days prior, during and combined with the Narcotics at night to control pain. This is what the plan is until surgery and there after.

My doctor was really pushing the first option and the second one as well. I had an ultrasound yesterday that showed cysts on both ovaries. She wanted to inject me with hormones to make the burst and the "see what happens".

I have "seen what happens" and it's not good. I have also done the antioxidant push, have a regulare exercise schedule and streching regimine and get enough fiber for heavens sake!! Sheesh - it's like talking to a brick wall year after year - and I'm done being patted on the head. Something is really wrong and needs to be addressed!!

So, it's not that I really like hospitals. Nor do I have a "thing" for doctors. I'm just at the end of the line, out of options and ready to feel better.

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