Saturday, August 23, 2008

Be Where Your Hands Are

During my last tour of the 12-Step Program world, my sposor would regularly tell me to be where my hands were. What that means, is to concentrate on the moment. It's a hard thing to do.

With all the things you have to do in a day the urge to multi-task is overwealming. It's very common to do more than one thing at one time. In fact, if you are someone that does not do that very well, you may be seen as somewhat underachieving. And if you multi-task very well people say things like, "my she's organized and driven".

I tend to multi-task much to well, albeit only for a time. I often take care of my personal banking, make a grocery list, mentally plan dinner and work on the day's A/P all at once. I don't know any other way. My mind is constantly churning, planning and devising. When it stops making sense I start praying.

Trying to build a business from home over the internet has exaserbated the problem. I do marketing on my own so I am forever thinking of new ways to do what it is I do. I open internet window after window and surf at lightining speed. All while folding laundry and helping with geometry homework.

One thing isn't so good done all at once and that's worrying. I have never been a big fretter and I'm aparently to durn dumb to be scared of much of anything, but lately my troubles are multiplying in my head like a couple of lovestruck bunnies.

I found myself today, hating Monday already. Now here it is, barely Saturday night and I'm already dreading the start of the week. Now that I have a plan formulated for changing our situation I should feel better, right? Well, with any change there is risk. Although I have to say that when I pray about it, I get a good feeling about the change. But I feel so oppressed and overwraught that even the rest that I've gotten is wasted in worry.

As a result of prayer, I have that old time worn saying swirling about in my head. Just Be Where My Hands Are! So, I guess it's time to shut down this computer, sit down on the couch nex to that handsome man over there (I think that 's my husband??) and enjoy the time we have right now.

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