Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where Have You Been?

I miss my blog! Unfortunately, I am one handed at this point, so pictures will have to say most of it.


Sunday July 6th - My hand was very swollen and sore. No visible bite or recalled injury.

Went to the doc again - previously they had wrapped it and told me to stop using it so much. I got an antibiotic and some meds for gout.

Went back, got some pain relief and a referral to an rhuematologist. That doc said that it could be a type of arthritis associated with the eczema on my hands. She gave me a shot of cortisone in the rear and this warning:

July 10th : "If this is psoriatic arthritis the shot will help within 24 hours. If it's an infection in your hand, the cortisone is the WAY WRONG thing for us to do. Call me in the morning".

July 11th

I hand an appointment that day with a surgeon and had Surgery the next day to remove a large absess of infection under the skin.

July 12th before surgery

There were several complications before and after surgery. The pain became intolerable and morphene injections were barely taking the edge off. The first IV was up against a valve and cause immense pain when they were administering fluids. I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotice administered in my IV and that was really scary.

Unfortunately I was alone due to the hospital scheduling conflict. My husband had to be at home with our three children.

But Jesus was with me.

And it's a good thing. The next day they took off the bandages, irrigated my wound and then stuffed it full of gauze. I'm sure the Lord was in the room, because I wanted to punch that poor little gal doing the physical therapy.

July 13th after PT

So, like an idiot, I tried to go to work yesterday. That was terrible and I came home. The pain was better today, until I went to PT at 1:00. I'm so tired and my appetite is zero so healing is slow.

July 15th

So that's my story. I don't have a whole lot of functionality with my left hand at this point, and - as you can imagine- it hurts the more I use it. Your prayers would be of great help. At this point there still is no known cause.

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