Thursday, July 10, 2008

Turning Into My Mother

Well, it seems that my looks weren't all that are following some maternal instincts. Along with my tone of voice, my mannerisms, and my quirky little sayings, my body is following suit.

I don't just mean the lovely shape that my 30something body has settled into. While the little extra around the hips and tummy does serve to give me such a "comfortable" look (as our 9 year old says) the transformation is seemingly internal as well.

I've had some really nasty swelling and redness around my first knuckle on my thumb. I've been to me gp, got a shoulder shrug, some pain pills, and a referral to a rhuematologist.

In talking with her it seems that this could be a form of arthritis that stems from having psoriasis. I knew I had eczema all my life, but now it seems that the psoriasis has found me too. She asked me about how I feel when I get up in the morning and how I move throughout the day. Headaches, swelling of the ankles, knees, etc.

We'll see. Right now I need for this ghastly swelling to go down in my thumb. It hurts so bad, I'm all hopped up on Vicodin just to write this post! They gave me a shot of cortisone today and we'll know if that was the right thing to do by morning. She said that if it's not the Psoriatic Arthritis and is, in fact a big glob of infection in there - it will be worse by morning.

Hmmm, can't wait.

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