Friday, July 18, 2008


Today I feel BETTER! To be more precise, this evening I feel better. I did get up and go in to work around 6:30. Those darn hives spread out to make me look all sunburned yesterday and weren't much better this morning. I managed to scoot into work, get a dent made in the payables, organize payroll and scoot out of there. I felt like my skin was on fire!

So I went home and pointed the fan on me and slipped into a Benedryl induced coma for an hour. Mom came and got the big kids yesterday (that woman really does love me) and hubby is off on Fridays, so I got to just relax and recover for once.

Pulled myself up and went to Physical Therapy. When she pulled the dressing out of my wound, it didn't feel like she was pulling out yards and yards of it this time. The whirlpool bath still stung like crazy, but when she was packing the dressing back in there (cringe) it wasn't as bad. you can see, she didn't wrap it as bulky, so I can type with the other hand a bit. The wound has quit draining so much so I can have less dressing on it. Yeah!

Here's my Beloved and our littlest Blessing giving me all thier support!

I'm sure you are all getting grossed out by the wound pictures, so I won't post one for a few days, maybe by then the meat won't be visible anymore. Another good thing, the pain is better. I have tons of people praying for me, and it's working. I even FORGOT to take a pain pill at the scheduled time today. So when I remembered, it was burning a little but I just took one. Can always take another one if I need it.

I will be glad to get a smaller dressing on this thing. Right now I'm akin to The Mummy. It would be nice if it elicited some form of sympathy or something, but that's not happening. It's just the same old same old only with one hand.

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