Friday, June 6, 2008

I Can Do Whatever I Want

I’m not really very good at my job. I don’t like what I do, so that has a lot of do with my half-ass-ism. I don’t like crunching numbers, data entry, or filing. I’m not really a detail oriented person, so the fact that I am responsible for data entry of payroll and payables makes me snicker a bit. I guess my desire to avoid a butt chewing outstrips my distaste for all things number-y. Good thing!

Not that all that really matters. I mean, you have to have a job and it has to be for someone else, right. If you want any stability, retirement plan or health insurance you’re pretty much relegated to working for someone else who will take care of that for you while you punch the clock, do your time and go home to a house that is in chaos and a family you barely know because you spend more time awake with your boss.

So if I don’t like what I do, I could go back to school, right? I always wanted to be a grade school teacher and a few years ago I made it half way to my degree. Had to stop because I was at the point where I needed to Student Teach and do my classes during the day – when I have to work.

I could just quit my job and go find something else to do. I’m pretty good with my hands, and I’m not afraid to get dirty, so I could work in a factory – perhaps learn how to weld or assemble little leaf blower handles. I like working with people (mostly) so I could work retail, maybe at the mall…get a discount. Of course it would have to be one heck of a discount ‘cuz they don’t pay very well.

Or I could decide that I was going to be famous and go on one of those shows where you pour out your heart and they pick apart your performance and trash you in front of millions of people…. Um, scratch that last one.

I could walk dogs, be a street performer, acrobat (chubby acrobat) okay maybe just the tumbling part I roll pretty good, I could make food and sell it out of a converted Winnebago, I could hang out in the drive thru of D’Leons and ask for change. I could be a painter, a lawn mower, a babysitter, a butcher, a baker, or even…crazy, I know, a candlestick maker!

Ahhh…I needed that! Somehow just the assertion that I could be something other than a data entry clerk makes it a reality. I have started a business that I really believe in…but it’s going to take some time. Lord knows, I wish I could just dump my day job and dive in, but I can’t.

Not yet.

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