Monday, June 2, 2008

Color Coded

Life should be color coded. Wouldn’t it be great if all the bad stuff was bright red, safety orange or caution yellow and all the good stuff was a nice go-go green or cool blue.

Like cheeseburgers and chocolate bars would be red, ice cream would be too. That guy that you wanted to date when you were 18 who had the tattoos and the motorcycle because he was “so cool” would have been safety orange with bright red hair.

Hmmm, come to think of it, most vegi’s are green or have green on them…but so is pot. So I guess plants are a go – but not if you light them afire – then fire is red or orange, hence it is a no.

Now if you water something it turns green so water = good. But if you give a plant to much water it will turn yellow…so there you go, moderation in all things.

If you scratch an itch your skin will turn red – that is bad, take it from me, I have some really disgusting pics of the place on my foot that I scratched out of control. So scratching, poking, slicing skin= bad.

Blood is red and while it is a good thing to have, having blood anywhere outside it’s natural habitat is bad.

The sky is blue giving us the impression that air = good. But so is water and taking in one in place of the other = bad.

But apples are red and mold is green. So I’m confused there. I will most definitely refrain from the mold – even with it’s lovely blue spots. And I do eat an apple most every day, throwing caution to the wind in light of its stop sign red coloration.

Work should be red…home should be green…the mall, red…church, green…TV, red…books, green. See what I mean? Then I could just act and react and not deal with this pesky thinking ALL THE TIME.

Oh, well. Even then I would still be in trouble…my favorite color is red.

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