Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another Weird Dream

Okay, this one isn't as good as driving a house, but here goes:

I dreamed that I got picked up for shoplifting. I was standing out in front of Super Saver handing out free bags of noodles while holding Susan. I had told the kids that they could look at the video games nearby.

I handed out my last box of whole wheat spaghetti and decided to call it a day. Instead of walking clear back to the aisle with the pasta, I just put it in my bag. I knew it was wrong somehow, but I was SO tired.

This lady grabbed my arm and took me to the holding area. She told me that my children would have to be given over to state custody officials. I couldn't understand why they wouldn't call David to come and get the kids. I also wasn't surprised that I got in trouble for trying to get out the door with those noodles...

What? I'm cracking up...

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