Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thank You

So I'm going down the aisle at the grocery store after work yesterday, pushing little baby Susan right along. She was fussy, her top two teeth are coming in and she has recently realized that being strapped in = not being able to get away and that makes her mad.

Anyway, we have our little ritual. We bring in our green reusable grocery bag (purchased at the store for .99 and boy are they ever big!) she holds that and tries to put it on her head while I hold the list and grab what we need for dinner. When I'm done with the list, she is usually done playing with the bag and I give her the list to "play" with (maim, chew, destroy, eat).

She was really being quite patient yesterday. For someone who isn't yet a year old, she really seems to understand what we are saying when we talk to her. She had reached for the list several times, and I had told her to just wait and made an appropriately funny face and sound effect.

When I was finally done with the list I gave it to her. Much to her delight it was a sticky note! She had fun opening and closing it a couple of times until disaster struck.

She dropped it.

Reflexively, I stooped to pick it up. As I handed it to her, she reached out that pudgy little hand, looked right at me and said "He Hoo" to the tune of a sing-songy "Thank You!" It was so clear that I just stopped dead and gave her a big grin, a little head rub and a "Good Job!"

Then I took it away from her and tried it again - no show. She was a little miffed at me for taking it...it's just that I was the only one that heard it and I wanted just for someone, anyone to hear it too to be able to corroborate my story!

We say please and thank you to her often. When she is getting excited and wants something very badly, her siblings and Daddy and I tell her to say please and when we hand it to her we say that sing-songy Thank you. That little squirt!

Well, at least one of the kids is listening to us!

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