Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Musings of a Bored AP Clerk

I was sitting at my desk today and it occured to me that I could do the bulk of my job anywhere at anytime with not much difficulty. My job has gone through a significant metamorphasis in the last year. Used to be that I did alot of customer service stuff, greeting people, talking on the phone, you know.

But ever since I returned from maternity leave last fall, my job has become more about accounting. I do the data entry for payroll and enter process and maintain accounts recievable. I also still have some periphery duties in customer service but it's mostly because I'm the only one who's been there long enough to just know a little bit about everything.

Man, I would love to work from home. It would be different, and a challange to be sure, but I could adjust. I would need to have set hours of course, just like any job. But not having to get dressed and leave for work every day at 6:30 would be great. And then you factor in transportations and how ours has been in the shop more than not lately and that's another bonus!

A girl has to dream...

I went out and stimulated the economy today by purchasing a new stove at The Home Depot. I am so excited!! Ours is a real class A piece of crap. It had been suggested that I call a service man out to look at it - but that stove is at LEAST 20 years old and a service call is going to cost me $75 or more. I think a brand new Maytag on sale for $349 is a much more economical choice.

Remember when Michael and Kumar went Office Space on the fax machine...oh yeah...I'm a gangsta...

On a better note, I made some really great Chocolate muffins tonight that you would never know where good for you. Slipped that whole wheat flour and flax seed right in there. Ha! Gotta get your fiber, folks! I got out my clothes from last summer (post baby) and they still fit - so since I'm done training for a marathon and nearly done (crossing fingers) nursing that baby, it's time to boogy this booty back off.

I bet kicking the coil out of that stove would burn some calories.

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