Friday, June 1, 2007

The Maiden Blog

So I guess I have finally joined the others of my generation who have taken advantage of the web to talk about thier lives. It seems funny to me how we make friends now. I have a friend that I have never met. Found her on a fitness and child rearing website and we email back and forth. I think my Great Grandma called that a Pen Pal. Whatever works.

My inital motivation in starting this blog is this - I want to share the evolution of my faith in Jesus, my role as a wife and mother, the clearing out of the wreckage of my past and the growth that is going on in me personally. I would like to find other women out there that share similar experience and would like to get encouraged. I know I may find other women that totally disagree with me and would like to get enraged. That's okay too.

I have regularly been disapointed at the lack of support for working Christian mothers. I have searched the web, asked around, joined Bible studies and still havn't found a good support group. I did find one website that looked promising, but the person spearheading that was a former Mrs. America with a nice little speaking career. That's a far cry from a mother working as a secretary, a waitress, or on an assembly line. Truthfully, I'm not sure what she has in common with me other than the fact that a child exited our bodies and we both look to Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

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