Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Woohoo for Week Two + *sad face*

Week Two of training for the Legend 70 went great!

Since Week One was a little weak-sauce, I aimed for perfection for week two.  I stuck to my eating, relaxing and training plans to a "T".

Monday - Took a 2.5 mile walk on the treadmill while watching The Walking Dead, stretch and foam rolled.  I did 30 minutes of yoga after work and let myself have some time to relax and decompress.

Tuesday - Jumped out of bed for a 45 minute run and a 20 minute strength routine.  Still was struggling a little bit with tight chestedness from last week, but we got through it.
Tuesday PM - went to the pool for a 45 minute swim.  My friend who just had bariatric surgery went with me and did her pool laps, too.  I am really proud of her!

Wednesday - woke up a bit tired from heavy training the day before, but put my best effort into a 45 minute bike and 15 minute run.  If you do them one right after the other it's called a "brick."

Thursday - A tired 45 minute bike ride followed by 20 minutes of injury preventing strength training.
Thursday PM - 45 minutes in the pretty-brand new pool down at the southernmost YMCA.  My neighbor went and walked on the aqua track.

Friday - BlessedAmazingGlorious Rest Day!!  I spent some time contemplating the cut-off times for the race and can absolutely complete it in time *phew*  I also remembered to give myself a little kudos for overcoming my fear of open water swimming, in 2017.  That was tough but I am tougher!

Saturday - 1 hour and 45 minutes on the bike trainer, while watching Terminator 3.  I ride the trainer alot.  I have a very small window of time to do my groove-thang and if the weather isn't nice enough for the gear that I have, then I'm indoors.  I took the aero-bars off my bike and corrected the stack height and seat angle & position.  I had forgotten how comfortable my bike was!  I guess my back had other ideas and it kept spasming and being dumb.  I could barely get up the stairs after I was done.  Saturday was ROUGH.

Sunday - 1 hour and 15 minute treadmill run.  Yeah, I know.  But running doesn't hurt!  Just, walking, bending, sitting, breathing and thinking...does...  We also had a long day out getting ready for the church's annual performance of This Day of Resurrection.  When we got home, I was toast.

And that's where our adventure for Week Two, ends.  I'm really proud of myself that I didn't eat my feelings and I utilized the yoga space I made for myself.  I got all of my training logged and Garmin tells me that I burned 4, 556 calories!  Woohoo for Week Two.

Let's just go ahead and talk about Week Three while were here.  It's actually not week three.

It's week nothing.  My training for this particular race - is over.

I went to bed Sunday night feeling like a truck hit me.  My back was hurting, but I'd been stretching...I just figured I needed a good nights sleep.  No sleep came.  Pain, tossing and turning, sweats, chills and yes, Virginia, I even got sick.  Needless to say, I called in dead on Monday and thought gee whiz, that minor back strain sure got the best of me.

In the early afternoon, I decided it was time to shower and dress and feel better.  See how I can do that?  FEEL BETTER ANDREA.  >ok<  When the nice warm water started, I stood in the shower and let it hit my legs...and it burned like someone poured acid on my left calf.


Cellulitis Part Deux 2018.

I know it seems dramatic, but this infection KILLS PEOPLE.  Even with antibiotics, today, like here and now in this time.  A hundred years ago - fugetaboutit - I'd be DEAD.  This particular instance is only six weeks past the last (more minor) incident and has been the worst I've ever had.  It's now Wednesday (I think) and I'm typing this from my hospital room.  I will most definitely miss this week of work and I will probably only be well enough to actually go to work next week - no fixing dinner, no workouts, nothing but rest and healing.  So that's two weeks without workouts.  I consulted my training book to see what to do when you miss workouts while training for a Half Ironman.

Here's a paraphrased excerpt:

One to two days of missed training - If you cannot fit these workouts in on a scheduled rest/slide day, just skip them and move on.  Don't risk injury by doubling up on workouts.

Three to four missed days - Again, skip the missed days, but do half the workout on the first day back and resume full training after the second day back.

Five to six days - Skip the missed days, but on the first two days back to training only do one third of the workout.  On the next two days, only two thirds.  On day five, resume normal training.

Seven or more missed days - Reconsider the timing of your goal and consider a major redesign of your training program.

So that's it, then.  I will email Legend Triathlon and scale back to the Olympic distance in June.  I will follow the 8 week program in my book for that.  I think I'll follow the Competitive Plan and try to PR over last year.  And...there's always the Ad Astra 70 in September. My next race is the Lincoln Half Marathon, why not see if we can put a sweet little PR on that one, too?

I'm not giving up.  No way.  This is just a setback and we all know what that is...


I'm going to keep my nutrition clean, my workouts solid and my attitude positive.  Not stopping.  NOT stopping.  NOT. STOPPING.

Ok...I'm stopping for two weeks to heal my leg - but AFTER THAT! ;o)  Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Week One Training Recap

The first week of training didn’t go exactly as planned.  I try not too be hard on myself because that’s what people  say “aw, don’t be so hard on youself.”  The reality is that I am EXTREMELY hard on myself.  I no longer say terrible things to myself or “beat myself up” but I hold myself to a super-human standard with nothing less than absolute 100% adherence revered as victory.

Ahem.  Okay.  Now that we got that out of the way…here’s the reality.

Monday – got up and did my scheduled walk and stretch.  Monday is an optional day for making up missed workouts or taking a rest day, but I usually walk and watch The Walking Dead episode that came out the night before.  Get it – walking with TWD?  I wasn’t feeling great, still – my chest felt congested and I only made it one mile instead of two with a long stretch after.

Tuesday – I took completely off.  I had a scare on Monday morning with not being able to catch my breath and I thought maybe I damaged myself by pushing too hard in Sunday’s indoor sprint tri.  So, I missed a run, weights session and a swim first crack out of the box. Tuesday was February 27th and February's mileage was just above toilet standard.  I decided to double down for a flawless March.

Wednesday – Feeling better, I did my 45/15 bike to run brick.  My little daughter had been running a fever, so I left work at noon and took her in to the doctor.  Influenza B! Tamilflu for the whole dang family!!  Maybe that’s why I wasn’t feeling well.

Thursday – Run and weights in the morning swim in the evening.  I got a stupid phone call from a stupid person that I asked (very nicely, I might add) to leave me alone so many stupid times that it’s just freaking STUPID.  It’s amazing how a person can ruin your day. Thankfully, there wasn’t much left of mine and I just went to bed.  I tried to turn the pain into peace and it worked for the most part.  At least I got some sleep.

Friday – Rest day.  I always sleep in and take a 100% rest day on Friday.  It. Is. Glorious.

Saturday – Rode the bike on the indoor trainer for 1:15.  I need to remove my homespun aerobar installation / modifications and put my little Trek 1.2 back to being a road bike.  It’s pretty uncomfortable that way (I have made every adjustment and modification I can think of) and will probably be a handling nightmare once I get it off the trainer.  Riding in that position is okay for an hour and I can get through it – but I have to be prepared for 3 and 4 hour training rides in just over a month.  My bike has been comfy for thousands of miles - I'll wait to get into aero until I can get a tri bike.

Sunday – Ran an hour outside!  It was dreary and cloudy and windy and a little cold but it was OUTSIDE.

So workouts went okay – nutrition wasn’t too terrible.  I admit, I was feeling a little sorry for myself on Thursday night and again on Sunday night.  I feel like life is making itself way to fricking hard right now.  Chill out, life.  Chill. Out.

In keeping with my idea to have a yoga break to help alleviate stress, I made a little area in our bedroom that will work great.  I don’t need my more than about a foot on either side of the mat and just a room I can close the door on.  I don’t slow down very well – but the reality is that people like me less and less the faster I go. Weird – I like me more the faster I go.  *shrug*

So week one I’d give myself a 75% on.  I felt I put forth about 75% effort – some under circumstances I can’t control, but about 10% was me just diving in to self-pity to wallow around for a while.  It's hard when you want to change how you behave and react to things.  The first step is accepting that I am responsible for making it what it is.  Then, I can go about changing it.

Here's to a wonderful Week Two!