Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Rest and Veggies

Totally (un)Toasty Tuesday Workouts

30 minutes of strength training
2+ mile run on the treadmill while watching Continuum.

It was a balmy 18 degrees at 4:30 this morning.  The real feel was FIVE.  I don't know why I hold out hope that my run will happen outside anytime soon.  It's only week two of Workout Jail and I'm already fussing and whining about being in the basement.  Reminds me of one of the kids that used to say "hotside" for outside.  He'd stand by the door and demand to be set free.  Yep.

Hold cold is it?  It's so cold that the cat won't even go out.  It's so cold that my skin is two sizes to small and cracking!  It's so cold that...it's just cold.  How's that for some literary genius.

Ew, right?
I really should have run a full 3 miles this morning - but - I had to get started an hour earlier today so that I could be at work early.  I slept pretty solid (thank you Ambien) so at least there's that.  I just get so tired when I run after weight training.  Maybe I should mix it up and run first.  Though the warmup from the weights workout is so nice on my legs.
Pretty dorky at 5:00am

In our healthy living support group, today, the challenge was to do 2 minutes of planks.  I spend the bulk of last year working on core strength and planks are an easy to master exercise that helps build that up without a single crunch or sit up.  I actually like planks the best of all abdominal strengthening exercises and have seen tremendous benefit.

Now if I could just find a food or beverage that burned off the fat around those newly toned muscles...that would be something!

Actually doing pretty good on the nutrition side.  One pesky little component that I was limiting greatly until the dreaded Holiday Break, when I pretty much did whatever I wanted.  No matter - just time to get on the horse again.

Trying to convince myself that my body needs rest and healthy foods tonight...not beer and chips...to recover from a very stressful day.  Rest and veggies, rest and veggies, rest and veggies...no beer, no, no, no.

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  1. I feel your pain on the cold!!
    Except...not really...because we're having a super mild winter here this year and I'm totally delighted by it. 34f here today. THIRTY FOUR! *Happy sigh*
    So awesome that you're doing weight training and running. I'm in awe at your planks. =) I messed up my shoulder, and my back is hurting (getting old is not recommended) so I can plank for all of...ooohhhh....10 seconds...before it all starts hurting. =P
    Also feel your pain on the nutrition side. I totally threw all caution to the wind about October last year and I'm really paying for it now. Still, back on the Myfitnesspal wagon, so that should help. =P